November 25, 2015, 12:15 pm
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BI-Medical Supply Company Inc. was established in 2003 and has been responsible for providing outstanding medical equipment setup and the distribution of affordable medical equipment.

Our specialty is in the areas of diabetic care, DME products and urological / incontinence care. Our regular customers particularly value our personal approach to medical supply and distribution. Our clinical skills in the assessment and evaluation of clients medical equipment needs.

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We Deliver Quality to our Clients

Medical Equipment Distribution with a Personal Touch and on call after our regular hours.

We can deliver, setup and provide hands on demonstrations for the client at their home or facility. Bi-Medical technicians will answer all questions and ensure a product that fits the client needs.

Bi-Medical doesn't just stop there; follow-up visits can be scheduled as we want to ensure the utmost satisfaction for our customers.

Please  Contact Us for free consultation